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Week 6 Share of the 2017 season: Broccoli, summer squash, snap peas, salad turnips, salad mix, parsley, carrots, scallions, beets, swiss chard.

Week 6 Share of the 2017 season: Broccoli, summer squash, snap peas, salad turnips, salad mix, parsley, carrots, scallions, beets, swiss chard.

We are so sorry, the 2019 Produce Shares are SOLD OUT. But, there are other options!

1) Our fresh veggies will be at the Sisters Farmers Market on Sundays at the Fir Street Park this summer! Purchase Market Bucks here to pre pay for your weekly selection at the market.

2) Make sure to get on our email list to learn about other weekly pickups and local retailers!

3) We do have a 2019 Produce Share WAITLIST and open shares up again in the middle of May after we determine how the crops are looking! Read More Below.

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This share is our greatest contribution to provide our community with as much affordable produce as your family can eat! Your family will have endless opportunities to increase your health and wellness through trying new foods and basking in a bounty of local veggies! The photos above are all examples of the family share size. In the late spring the box is starts with fresh greens, snap peas and root veggies. As we progress into summer and fall you will be amazed with what we are growing in Central Oregon. A minimum of 10 items will be provided each week. This share can feed a family 2- 5 people (depending on how many veggies you eat each week). If you love veggies or are wanting really engage your family in nutritious foods, this share is for you! We had multiple veggie loving couples who couldn’t get enough of this share size. In addition this size is great for the couples who like to experiment with some food preservation for the winter time. For those of you who were with us last year… this is the same size share as last year. Although we have a lot of variety we make sure to always to have those important staples like salad greens, carrots and your other staples. 

Note on Sharing A Large Share Between Two Families: 
Produce Shares are a major contributor to our education programs. We encourage members to  purchase a Couples Share instead of splitting a family share if at all possible. Couples shares were a size requested by our members, and we are excited to offer this option to our community. 


2019 Large (Family) Share Price:

$32 a week x 22 weeks= $704

What you can expect: 

Earlier in the summer: 

  • a lot of sweet greens (kale, swiss chard, spinach, salad mix)

  • snap peas

  • carrots

  • beets

  • other baby root vegetables

  • napa cabbage

  • culinary herbs

  • broccoli

  • etc...

As we progress into summer we add more heat loving veggies: 

  • cucumbers

  • eggplant

  • zucchini

  • summer squash

  • tomatoes

  • broccoli

As we round the bend into fall these additions soothe the soul: 

  • potatoes

  • winter squash

  • lots of tomatoes

  • leeks

  • etc...


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