Audrey Tehan

Executive Director/ Farm Director

Audrey Tehan founded the Seed to Table program in 2013. Audrey was born and raised in Sisters and comes from a family of ranchers and farmers. Growing food using practices that sustain both our natural resources and our community have always been an important aspect of Audrey's life. After high school she worked on multiple organic farms in the US and abroad. She graduated from Southern Oregon University with a degree in Environmental Studies, focusing on Politics and Conservation Biology.

Inolving kids in education beyond the classroom has also been at the forefront of Audrey's focus as she has worked with kids and adults in experiential education for the past 12 years. Audrey's studies and farming experiences reinforced her belief that being involved in growing food can be a pathway to living long, healthy lives and connecting with those around us. Audrey is passionate about the Sisters community, and has had a life long aspiration to start the Seed to Table Farm in Sisters. She is excited to be serving her community in this way, and looks forward to connecting with you across a row of veggies in the garden!


Madeline Steene

Assistant Farm Manager

Seed to Table is incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Madeline this past winter as she was relocating to Central Oregon after spending a season farming in Homer, Alaska. Madeline is a natural leader, of people and vegetables. When you first meet her you will immediately feel welcomed by her large smile and enthusiastic spirit.

Growing up in Southern California, Madeline was always drawn to more wide open spaces of the outdoors, getting dirty and exploring. Upon completing a degree in Environmental Policy and Management in 2015, she immediately dove into the garden. Boulder, Colorado was the first stop she took, working for a local non profit “Grow Gardens;” growing food for the community and involve students in garden based education. She continued to serve the community, receiving a spot in the competitive, AmeriCorps program in Boulder. Here her leadership skills evolved as she engaged hundreds of community members in discussions around climate change, helping implement two key initiatives for the City of Boulder Resilience Strategy.

In 2017, the farm was calling her back into the fields and she was accepted into the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture program at the University of California Santa Cruz. The program is one of the best in the country in training future farmers in sustainable agriculture. After completing the one year apprenticeship Madeline took her farming endeavors to Homer Alaska, where “the carrots grew huge” (due to 24 hour sunlight during the summer). The dark winters were just not for her and we are thrilled she came back down to Oregon to be a part of the Seed to Table team.

“I believe farming is the strongest community building tool out there. I believe that a sustainable food system brings people together, honors cultures, and nurtures strong minds and bodies. I am excited about the opportunity to work for an organization that builds stronger communities through these principles. I’m eager to transfer my skills and experience to an organization where I can continue to make a difference in the world.” - Madeline Steene