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Any funds received through the entirety of Seed to Table Oregon’s activities will be used exclusively for the charitable purpose within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and will not be used for personal gains of any sort. All funds from produce shares go directly to support education programs and equal access to nutritious foods in Central Oregon.

Produce Share Waitlist
I Understand the 2018 produce shares are full. BUT Beef, Chicken and Egg Shares are Still Available.
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The only pick up day available is Wednesday, produce share runs from June through September
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You have the option of a monthly payment after the deposit is made, or one upfront payment after deposit is made. Deposits are due March 15th. This will serve as your first monthly payment. Monthly payments will be due each month after March until total is paid.
Your first invoice will be emailed to you February 15th, This invoice will ask for a non refundable deposit of $150 by March 15th. The deposit is subtracted from the total cost of your share. The deposit will also serve as your first payment if you are opting for monthly payments. *
Note: Deposit amounts will increase if you also sign up for meat, chicken and egg shares. All deposits are subtracted from your total value.
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I understand that if my first payment is not made by March 15th I forfeit my produce share spot to another family *
I understand a share entitles me to the bounty of the harvest, which also means a share of risk, as on occasion a crop may fail due to conditions that are beyond control of your farmers. I understand that I may receive more volume and/or variety in a good week and less in a challenging week *
Members last year enjoyed hundreds of pounds of produce, bringing the cost of produce down to around $2 a pound in total throughout the season.
I understand that if at anytime after the first payment is made and I wish to forfeit my share of the harvest, it is my responsibility to find a replacement to take over my share. We often have a waitlist and will help you find a replacement. We do not offer refunds as we invest the requisite funds provided by our community at the start of the season in education programs, fertilizer, seed, equipment, etc... in order to produce the highest quality organic vegetables for our CSA members *
Thank you! By entering into this relationship you are preserving working farmland, supporting sustainable agriculture, reducing trucking and packing costs and carbon output, supporting education programs and keeping farmers on the land. The produce share works for you, local agriculture, and the environment! *