Fresh Food Farmacy


Program Description

Seed to Table’s Fresh Food Farmacy individuals and families on their fresh path to healthy living! Using food as medicine, the Fresh Food Farmacy (FFF) is designed to improve healthy eating habits and or help alleviate food security for individuals . Many individuals do not have access to fresh vegetables or nutrition education, the Fresh Food Farmacy aims to change that. The FFF provides individuals with 22 weeks of farm fresh produce (either subsidized or at no cost), support and cooking/nutrition resources; helping to empower individuals on their path to healthy living.

Seed to Table is a non profit farm located in Sisters. Seed to Table has partnered with the local health care providers to work with individuals on increasing their health and wellness. Individuals can choose to work with their health care providers or join the program on their own. Health care providers can also prescribe patients who want to focus on improving their health to our programs. Once accepted into the program, each Fresh Food Farmacy participant will receive a Seed to Table Farm Produce Share. From May 29th- October 20th members will receive $30 worth of organically grown fresh veggies. The program incorporates monthly monthly classes to learn practical skills to create healthy & sustainable lifestyle changes and be provided with weekly educational resources, and personalized check-in support. Learning valuable cooking skills, healthy eating tips, practical recipes, and more will be coupled with health monitoring from their doctors throughout the program.

Fresh Food Farmacy Values:

  • Improving healthy behaviors of residents in the Central Oregon community

  • Educating members of our community on the connection between wellness and nutrition

  • Empowering individuals and families on their path to healthy and wellness

  • Narrowing the meal gap for those who are food insecure, by ensuring participants have an abundance of fresh veggies for six months. After the six months, Seed to Table is working to get patients discounts on produce at local grocery stores.

  • Collaborating with community partners to help our community

Participants are recommended to:

  • Acquire a doctor’s referral from High Lakes Health Care or Bend Memorial Clinic

  • If patients do not want to work with their doctor, that is okay. Although if you have a primary care physcian it is highly recomended.

  • Have a strong interest & desire to learn foundational cooking skills and healthy lifestyle changes while increasing fresh produce intake

  • Commit to and be enthusiastic about a 22-week fresh produce share from end of May to October

  • Commit to and be enthusiastic about monthly educational activities at the Seed to Table Farm and in the Sisters Community surrounding cooking and nutrition.  

Cost of Program:

The cost of the program is subsidized on a sliding scale based off of your income. Patients will pay a “co-pay” for their produce each week based off the sliding scale. Co-pays scales range from $5 a week- $30 a week. The value of the shares are $27 (small share) or $35 (family share).

Payment Scale:

Individuals who qualify for S.N.A.P. benefits pay a $5 per week co-pay in cash or can pay with S.N.A.P.

If you do not qualify for S.N.A.P we will share our sliding scale with you to determine the co-pay for your plan.

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These meetings will be held on the last Thursday of every month from 5:30-7:30pm, May to October. Meetings are family friendly and family/friend encouraged!
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